Top IDO and Crypto Launchpads for the next Bullrun

Launching a new cryptocurrency or token can be a daunting task. From gaining user trust to protecting investors against potential scams and ensuring adequate publicity, the challenges are numerous. However, the rise of crypto and IDO (Initial DEX Offering) launchpads has made this process smoother. These platforms not only provide legitimacy and security to token launches but also offer marketing services and expert advice throughout the launch journey.

The Rise of Crypto Launchpads: A New Era for Crowdfunding

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain, crypto launchpads have carved a niche for themselves, becoming the go-to platforms for crowdfunding in the crypto realm. These launchpads are not just a trend; they offer tangible benefits for both budding crypto projects and discerning investors.

Understanding Crypto Launchpads

At its core, a crypto launchpad is a platform designed for initial exchange offerings (IEOs) or initial DEX offerings (IDOs), often dubbed as token launch platforms. Their primary mission? To seamlessly connect investors with promising projects, eliminating the need for middlemen and dubious platforms. By doing so, they offer investors a clearer view of potential investment opportunities and reduce associated risks.


Understanding Crypto Launchpads

Deciphering the Buzzwords: ICO, IEO, and IDO

For newcomers, the crypto space can be a maze of terminologies. Let’s demystify some of the most common ones:

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

The pioneer of crypto crowdfunding, ICOs allowed projects to raise funds by selling tokens directly to investors. While they gained massive traction in 2017, the lack of regulation attracted many fraudulent activities, leading to regulatory scrutiny.

IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)

An evolution from ICOs, IEOs are facilitated by cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges play a pivotal role in vetting projects, offering an added layer of security for investors. IEOs gained momentum in 2019 and 2020, with projects raising substantial funds in record times.

IDO (Initial DEX Offering)

The newest kid on the block, IDOs are facilitated on decentralized exchanges powered by smart contracts. While they offer the benefits of decentralization and transparency, they come with their own set of challenges, including liquidity concerns during market slumps.

Why Should Investors Consider Crypto Launchpads?

For investors, crypto launchpads offer:

  • Early Access: Get a front-row seat to projects in their infancy, potentially maximizing ROI.
  • Diversification: By holding launchpad tokens, investors can diversify their portfolios by accessing multiple projects.
  • Expert Management: Rest assured knowing that seasoned professionals back the launchpad projects.
  • Community Support: Projects on launchpads often enjoy robust community backing, hinting at their potential success.

Advantages for Crypto Startups

For crypto startups, launchpads provide:

  • Capital Influx: Secure crucial funding, especially vital for early-stage ventures.
  • Visibility: Gain exposure to a broader audience, fostering community growth.
  • Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals in areas like marketing and compliance.
  • Enhanced Success Prospects: With the support and vetting from launchpads, startups can sidestep common pitfalls and bolster their chances of success.

Diving into the Elite

Top 10 Launchpads to look at for the next bullrun

1. Binance Launchpad

Operated by the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, the Binance Launchpad has been a beacon of legitimacy in the crypto space. Since its inception in 2019, it has successfully launched over 60 projects. Every project undergoes thorough scrutiny before being allowed on the platform, ensuring a high degree of trustworthiness. BSCPad, on the other hand, is an independent IDO launchpad focused on the Binance Smart Chain. It stands out with its multi-tier participation system, catering to a wide range of investors.

2. Polkastarter

Polkastarter stands out as a decentralized exchange designed for token launches across multiple blockchains. Open to a diverse range of web-3 projects, Polkastarter ensures quality through a stringent selection process, offering investors the confidence to back top-tier crypto initiatives.


Seedify is a unique blend of an incubator and launchpad, dedicated to supporting early-stage startups, especially in the blockchain gaming sector. With a team of experienced professionals, Seedify offers a holistic approach, providing everything from fundraising to marketing and legal assistance for budding projects.dify

4. DAO Maker

DAO Maker has made a name for itself in the crypto world, especially for its IDOs and IGOs (Initial Game Offerings). Governed by a DAO with its native token, $DAO, it has successfully launched over 120 projects. One of its standout features is the strong holder offering (SHO) process, which provides numerous benefits to its community.

5. TrustPad

Touted as “the safest multi-chain IDO launchpad,” TrustPad is built on the Binance Smart Chain. It distinguishes itself by offering zero-fee staking pools and a minimal 1% transaction fee. Its commitment to security and transparency has made it a favorite among many in the crypto community.

6. Bullperks

BullPerks embodies fairness and a strong community focus as a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad. Leveraging the potential of blockchain and a decentralized approach to venture fundraising, BullPerks presents tremendous opportunities for anyone seeking to invest in leading crypto projects on par with traditional VCs.

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7. GameFi/GameFi Launchpad

GameFi stands out as the premier launchpad tailored for IGOs (initial game offerings). Users’ access to these launches is tiered based on their holdings of the platform’s native token, $GAFI, categorizing them into Rookie, Elite, Pro, or Legend levels. Notably, GameFi’s interoperable marketplace enables cross-game NFT trading and boasts collaborations with launchpads like DAO Maker.

Beyond its launchpad, GameFi offers a suite of services: a blockchain gaming accelerator, a GameFi aggregator for NFT transactions, and a gaming guild that provides scholarships to players.

Revenue for GameFi comes from three sources: NFT trading fees, acceleration fees from token sales of accelerator-assisted games, and yield fees from the gaming guild’s activities. Tokens introduced via GameFi have seen remarkable investor returns, with some soaring to 10-20x. Noteworthy game projects launched here include Project SEED ($SHILL), Dreams Quest ($DREAMS), Meta Wars ($WARS), and Meta Gods ($MGOD).


8. TrustSwap

TrustSwap is a versatile, cross-chain platform facilitating token launches on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain. It streamlines token creation, making it straightforward for projects.

What sets TrustSwap apart are features like token lock, ensuring founders’ tokens remain untouched for a set duration. This boosts confidence by mitigating potential “pump and dump” risks. Additionally, they offer liquidity locks to deter investors from immediate token sales post-purchase.

To engage with TrustSwap’s offerings, users need to hold its native $SWAP token. Staking $SWAP and other platform-launched tokens can yield rewards. Beyond launchpad services, TrustSwap provides Swappable, an NFT marketplace, and TheCryptoApp, offering real-time updates on over 3,000 cryptocurrencies.

9. Startup

Managed by the popular cryptocurrency exchange,, facilitates IEOs (initial exchange offerings) for emerging tokens and crypto ventures. Being an IEO platform, akin to Binance Launchpad, conducts thorough vetting of projects before their launch. This rigorous process ensures that investors receive comprehensive research on each token, aiding informed decision-making. Launching through’s infrastructure also curtails the risks of scams and breaches.

However, Startup has stringent KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) protocols, which might deter privacy-conscious users. To invest in new ventures, participants must hold the platform’s utility token, $GT. An investment cap of 1,000 tokens per investor might be seen as a limitation by some.

10. KuCoin Spotlight

Another major player in the crypto exchange world, KuCoin, manages the KuCoin Spotlight launchpad. It’s known for its stringent selection process, with less than 10% of projects passing their rigorous checks. This ensures that investors have access to only the most promising and legitimate projects.

By August 2022, 22 projects had been launched via KuCoin Spotlight. This includes notable blockchain games like the MMORPG Victoria VR ($VR), PVP game Cryowar ($CWAR), and the NFT-based RPG Chumbi Valley ($CHMB). Additionally, DeFi ventures like Polodex ($PDEX), a decentralized order-book exchange, and ClearDAO ($CLH), a crypto derivatives platform, were introduced.

11. Red Kite

Powered by PolkaFoundry, Red Kite serves as both a launchpad and a DeFi platform, aiding the development of DeFi and NFT-centric dApps on the Polkadot Blockchain. Beyond token launches, Red Kite offers liquidity pools for investment, supporting Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems, with plans to expand to Polkadot.

To engage with Red Kite, users acquire PolkaFoundry (PKF) tokens and allocate them to a share pool. The more tokens committed, the better the odds of being whitelisted for a project through a weighted lottery system. A stake of 40,000 PKF guarantees access to a token launch, while 80,000 PKF stakes can also unlock random token and NFT airdrops. Red Kite’s track record boasts successful GameFi token launches like Bloktopia ($BLOK) and Sidus Heroes ($SIDUS).


The crypto and IDO launchpad landscape is vast and diverse. Each platform offers unique features and caters to different project needs. As the crypto space continues to evolve, these launchpads play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful launch of promising projects.

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Crypto launchpads are platforms designed to facilitate the launch of new cryptocurrencies or tokens. They provide legitimacy, security, marketing services, and expert advice to ensure a smooth launch process.

Crypto launchpads have revolutionized crowdfunding in the blockchain realm by becoming the primary platforms for raising funds. They offer tangible benefits for both emerging crypto projects and investors.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) allows projects to raise funds by selling tokens directly to investors. IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is facilitated by cryptocurrency exchanges, adding an extra layer of security. IDO (Initial DEX Offering) takes place on decentralized exchanges and emphasizes transparency and decentralization.

Crypto launchpads offer early access to projects, portfolio diversification, expert management, and robust community support, enhancing potential returns and reducing risks.

Launchpads provide startups with capital, increased visibility, expert guidance, and a higher likelihood of success due to the support and vetting processes.

Some of the top launchpads include Binance Launchpad, Polkastarter, SEEDIFY, DAO Maker, TrustPad, GameFi/GameFi Launchpad, TrustSwap, Startup, KuCoin Spotlight, and Red Kite.

Launchpads conduct thorough vetting and scrutiny of projects before allowing them on their platforms. This ensures that only trustworthy and promising projects are presented to investors.


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